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New Startup Survived From The Hard Time— Squarebox Technology

In Year 2020, it’s been a tough year for my startup, also for every entrepreneur out there due to the pandemic.

Hi I’m Cheng Yew, my partner and I started Squarebox Technology last year. If you have not read my previous post about “WHY I LEFT SHOPEE SINGAPORE And HOW WE FOUNDED SQUAREBOX TECHNOLOGY”, you may click my profile or this link.

This year, we ran into a bottleneck in finding project. At the same time, we are regret to announce one of our partner has decided to left due to personal reason. We have no right to stop but wishing him all the best in the future.

Life always has ups and downs, the best way is to face it bravely, keep going and keep fighting. It symbolizes the saying ‘when life gives you lemons, made lemonade’!

Our Plan

We are truly understand how hard to survive in this pandemic, perhaps our action could help someone too. Therefore, me and my partner are decided to offer promotion to help on SME. We have done some social media posting and advertisement, gain awareness on our business so it can reach out to the Society/ Business/ Company or anyone who need us. We have created few promotions on our technology solutions as shown below:

20% off for any software application development during MCO

ECommerce promotion during MCO

Also, Squarebox Technology has created Malaysia COVID-19 Status Website to keep track of the number and remind us to stay safe and hygiene:

And yes, people saw us! We have engaged a few projects during MCO.

Due to this pandemic, major retailers temporarily shuttered their stores. As an entrepreneur, we are very upset yet grateful to have the opportunity to share our knowledge, guide them on how to convert from offline to online, and how software technology can help on their business. The benefit of having software technology solution is to manage your offline business anytime, anywhere through online.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need a technical consultation on your business, we are happy to share!


Meanwhile, we are also came out with our own products:

  1. 1. Punchkad — Time Attendance Mobility Solutions, it’s allow employees clock in/out using smartphone anytime. The Punchkad app allow company to create personalised shift and assign to employees, also can view employee’s attendance status in real time. Furthermore, this app is included payroll calculation for OT, work in holiday, late deduction rate and etc. Most importantly, we can SAVE A TREE and say no to time record paper card!

Punchkad Mobility Solution

2. Parkp — Parking Reservation Matching Mobile Apps.

It’s allow parker to match with leaver, and claim the slot from leaver. Credits will be transfer from parker and awarded to leaver after the parking claimed successfully (no worries, this is not “chop” the parking slot.) Our solution will make sure the “parking exchange” progress will not causing any illegal issues.

More about Parkp video can click here.

Parkp MVP Logo

We all know how difficult to get a parking in Malaysia, especially in peak areas like Subang area, shopping centre, university area and etc. About 50% of the drivers in Klang Valley are facing the issue — spent average 25mins just for a car park.

On June 2020, it has reached 70% on our MVP development progress, we have joined few pitching session to gain more feedback on Parkp solution.

The first half of year 2020 was a tough yet beautiful year to us, we have connected with many talents, we have engaged few projects during MCO (not as much as we expected) and we have collected so many feedback from different investors. What I can say ‘when one door closes, another opens’ is true.

MaGIC Startup Bootcamp

MaGIC Startup BootCamp

Presenting our idea via Zoom

MaGIC Virtual Grill or Chill

MaGIC Grill or Chill

We are very glad to get invited and shortlisted as 1 out of 7 presenters to present our idea in front of the investors on the MaGIC Virtual Grill or Chill among 14 startup companies.

Tbh, this is not a new idea, we have done some research and keep finding out solutions to enhanced the features on this project. Until today, my team are very confident and ready to launch our MVP on July to test in the real market. We are sincerely hope to hear some feedback from you and to create a solution that can solve the parking issue, reduce double/illegal parking culture in Malaysia. So please stay tuned!

If you are interested on Parkp parking solution, do contact me and tell me about your thought!

Last but not least, I hope you guys really enjoy to reading this post, please turn on the notification button on the right top and comment below to tell me about your thought or if you wish me to share more about my journey.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn@ChengYew and LinkedIn@SquareboxTech. Don’t forget to like our FB page: SquareBoxTechnology Website:

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